Our goal, your trust

In Kemtecnia, our goal is gain the customer’s confidence, giving back value added, through applying professionalism, experience and creativity, to achieve the best solution assuring maximum customer satisfaction, and lead us to raise as a preferred position in front of our customers.

In Kemtecnia, we offer services for industrial process optimization and energy managing. Energy audits, energy efficiency projects, industrial process improvements, R&D projects, transference of technology and project engineering for renewable energy, advising services, studies using UAVs (drones) for 3D topographic survey, or checking of buildings, chimneys, etc. A wide range of services for our customer, so they can be focused in their own main goals.

Service for Industry, Mining, and Agriculture

We analyze, evaluate and optimize productive process. Deploying resources to let us give a response for our customer’s needs, to improve the competitiveness in time and costs.

Conducting a detailed study of the process, evaluating the impact of BAT (Best Available Technology), and exploring creative solutions instead traditional choices, we will be focused in the solution driven to productivity improvement, cost reduction, and high quality level, all these key elements are very important to the company success.

Specialized Service

Kemtecnia, from the technician expertise, offers solutions for the specialized service for daily tasks, which lets to the customers to be focused in their main tasks and priorities, while they are not disturbed attending auxiliary task around the core activity.

From a certain service level, which is designed and configured, hand in hand with our customers, to define the collaboration scope demanding their activity, in task as:

  • Laboratory Technician Services.
  • Follow-up and control for water and process treatment.
Supervised by our long experienced engineers in the industry.

Consulting and Engineering Services

Kemtecnia, also offers services related to consulting, driven to relieve our customers from non-productive tasks, although from its importance, needs on a partner who assures those tasks are done under strict responsibility criteria.

Safety (under regulation)
  • Preparation of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of chemical products.
  • Preparation of safety labels of the products.
  • Translation and review of MSDS. Unattended maintenance of the MSDS updates.
  • Toxicological sheet for chemical products and registration in INTCF.
  • Industrial tank design and permitting under APQ.
  • Small special pieces design and make up in a 3D printer.
  • Commercial and Industrial installations.
  • Electrical installations.
  • Conditioning air installations.
  • Firefighting installations.
  • Tanks, pressurized elements, reactors…

Studies for evaluation and inspection

Kemtecnia can offer services related to UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drones) for civil use. For difficult to access areas as tall buildings, chimneys, areas with not practicable floor, sea areas, lakes, etc, we can use our UAVs, with high resolution vision integrated and flight autonomy, regarding flying time and distance from the control base, lets offer services related to:

  • High precision 3D topographic survey with nobody on the field.
  • Industrial installations inspections.
  • Construction elements inspection.
  • Farm land inspection.