Smart Grid

GRES. Green Renewable Energy Smartgrid​

Kemtecnia builds its success from the Research and Development. We test all of new propiertary developed products, in our laboratories placed in Huelva University facilities (Control and Robotic Team) in Spain.

Our Smart Grids prototype has a hierarchical structure.

The Smart Grid is capable to generate dozens of kilowatts from serveral sources and store as chemical energy to be used under any weather conditions.

All whole system is controlled and monitored by an unique SCADA software to improve the management of power.

Isolated photovoltaic


Self consumption
photovoltaic solar

Geothermal energy


Mini-wind energy


Our commitment

  • We design the facility that best suits your needs.
  • We present all the necessary administrative documentation for the permitting of the installation and applying for grants.
  • We seek funding for your Project.
  • We do the installation of all components of the system for energy self-consumption.
  • We check and startup the system.
  • We can continuously and remotely monitor the system. We control productivity also plant operation.
  • We do the maintenance, remotely or in situ of the plant.


  • Features: 100% Renewable Energy Smart Grid.
  • Full Autonomy for isolated facilities.
  • Low maintenance and low cost of.
  • Remote control and monitoring of whole system.
  • Integrated SCADA for all subsystems as a global unit.
  • Automatic management of the power-flow.
  • Short payback.
  • Long service life.
  • Modular set for all productions rate.
  • Customizable for any weather conditions.
  • Customizable for any power supply.