• Quick and easy to deploy.
  • Fully mobile for use anywhere.
  • NO maintenance.
  • Quite and safe.
  • No fumes or smells.
  • Permanent and reliable energy supply from the first moment.
  • No need for manning or troublesome refuelling.


  • From 1 kWp to 10 kWp.
  • Flexible ultralight panels of high performance.
  • With and without load capacity to incorporate auxiliary equipment such as pressurized water system, refrigerator, music amplifier, etc,…
  • The GT LION model incorpores Lithium batteries to reduce weight.
Your permanent electrical generator for individual and corporate users
It can be designed/manufactured according to customer needs, with or without space for load transport. Allowing in the same towable equipment the possibility of offering a complete, autonomous and mobile solution to the needs of individuals and professionals for leisure and business.

Lithium and
gel batteries

Up to 10 kWp
in one tow

In tow with and
without load space

GeneraTow, when connected, can operate in two modes:

Main Mode. All generation modules in production. When the system is parked, and all its production units are deployed.

Secondary Mode. Charging mode on. All production modules are retracted and only the cover is in production mode for battery charging. Ideal for when the system is being moved to its destination in vehicle trailer mode or in auxiliary activity with mobility (cleaning, irrigation, pilgrimage, etc.).

The start-up procedure for using GeneraTow as an electric generator is very simple, for which only the following aspects need to be taken into account in order to maximize its performance and electric power production capacity.

Determine the optimal location of GeneraTow

All three production units should be oriented SOUTH. So when we stop the vehicle to park GeneraTow we will look with the front to the north.

GeneraTow is an electric power generation equipment with renewable sources (wind and photovoltaic) transportable using a car or an off-road vehicle.

Uses of Generatow

  • GeneraTow is ideal for use as a supply source in remote locations without access to electricity. It allows the use of power consumption equipment up to 10 kW. Designed especially for the professional, who needs to work in different locations, and that for environmental reasons, noise pollution, restrictions on the use of flammable fuels, and even economic find in. GeneraTow, a mobile supply solution, autonomous, and easy to use, which also incorporates a large cargo compartment, resulting in an integrated solution of mobility, charging, clean power source, and simplicity of use.
  • GeneraTow can be the definitive solution for leisure gatherings, camping, pilgrimages, rural celebrations, etc., offering light and electricity during night camping without noise or emission of toxic gases. Integrating the electricity supply solution with zero environmental impact on the environment.
  • GeneraTow can provide electricity in rural residences without access to the electricity network and allows its rapid withdrawal and return to the garage at the end, to avoid being the object of acts of vandalism or theft of the installation.
  • GeneraTow is the only integrated power supply and charging solution for access to forest areas in seasons of high fire risk, since during its operation there are no hot parts.
  • GeneraTow in its Hidro-GT version can be supplied with a water tank and pressure equipment will provide a quick solution for both fire prevention actions, as in industrial cleaning actions, and so on.
  • It is also supplied with lights included.