Renewable energy electric generation, mobile and autonomous unit

Patent number (EN): ES 2 584 919 A1

Aurora is a customizable unit for green energy generation, which can be delivered anywhere in a standard container. It can supply energy from sunlight, wind and fuel cells. Around our units and their control system you can create an intelligent micro-network (Smart Grid). Specially thought for natural disasters, isolated areas, civil works, field hospitals, small temporary housing and humanitarian actions. Using a robotic arm, it automatically deploys all panels, after that it would raise up and support the wind turbine, with minimum human attendance. Also, it can be remotely controlled and monitorized.

5,5 kWp
wind turbine

In on 40
feet container

Lithium and
gel batteries

Up to 242 photovoltaic
panels of 370 Wp

less than 16 h./2 persons

Robotic arm and legs
to unload container


  • Mobile renewable energy generation system.
  • Easily transportable standard container.
  • Remote control and monitoring system.
  • Totally autonomous.
  • Loading/unloading system, and stabilization on automatic hydraulic legs.
  • Robotic arm that acts as a mast for the wind turbine.
  • Includes gel batteries for energy storage and continuity of supply.
  • Also available with lithium batteries.
  • Optional H2-based fuel cell produced with electrolyzer and stored as metal hydride.
  • H2 module electrolyser produces medical grade oxygen.
  • 100% customizable for any situation.
  • Over 200 photovoltaic panels (up to 80 kWp in a 40 ft. container).
  • One or more wind turbines (from 5 to more than 60 kWp).
  • Several of these equipments can be joined together reaching MW powers.
  • It is self-contained, housing inside it all the necessary elements for its deployment and commissioning.
  • Hydraulic legs to lower the container from the truck.
  • Robotic arm for the deployment of panels.
  • The robotic arm is used as a wind turbine mast.
  • Deployment of 2 people, 2 days.
  • Specially designed for short missions and high mobility.