Choose the mobile energy solution that best suits your needs

Lithium and gel batteries, in container or in tow, operation 24/7, up to 350 kWp in one container, green energy anywhere in the world,...

Portable electricity generation solutions

  • Pre-installed power production units in standard transport containers (20 or 40 feet).
  • Easy deployment and withdrawal and quick commissioning.
  • Autonomous.
  • No fuel supply logistics required.
  • Guarantees continuous supply 24/7/365.
  • Allow to configure, thanks to its SCADA system, smart grid.
  • Reduces the cost and time of installation and maintenance.
  • Monitored, controlled and reprogrammed remotely.
  • Modular and scaleable according to power needs.
  • Equipped with a communication system for monitoring and telematic operation.
  • No generation of pulling gases.
  • No environmental impact neither during deployment or demobilization.
  • Small carbon footprint.
  • No noise pollution.
  • Produces H2 in situ.
  • Produces medical oxygen.

Sometimes the energy, always necessary, becomes vital in:

  • Natural disasters.
  • Refugee camps.
  • Civil work.
  • Rural electrification in remote places.
  • Armies.
  • etc,...
For all of them, Kemtecnia's different mobile equipment offers an energy solution that adapts to every situation and need, providing enormous energy savings anywhere in the world.